Coordinator's Message

Few souls believe and few make plans Few have doubts, never think they can Some face obstacles and deliver their best Some rise high when faced with a test "

We all have choices, we all have mission All are spectators in life, show your passion We choose smartly to handle life’s game Then choices are ours, no one else is to blame.

Every school is a foundation of creative minds. Each and every child is born with creativity in him/her. Our children lack the empirical experiences to express their creativity in fine language. Hence it’s our duty to protect them into the realm of imagination.

Considering that, we are successful in creating such an atmosphere for our children. Our efforts are like a key to unleash their creativity, imagination and skills. We work harder for their academic excellence as well.

Pandemic has affected many lives and has affected every field in one or other way. Education sector has also faced many ups and downs. Virtual classes are now in trend. We are taking care of each and every aspect to make virtual classes more informative, interactive and beneficial.

Always remember to uphold the dignity of people and be always ready to give preferences to others. With Gratitude

                 Kamia Rajput
                Coordinator Kinder Garden
                IPS Kidzee Kathua