Chairperson's Message

We believe in working as partners with the parents and community in order to provide a positive school environment, where the child feels safe and secure. "

Education at Indian Public School will cultivate the idea of holistic education, where students will learn qualities of respect, responsibility, integrity and team work. They will actively participate in both mental and physical activities which will ensure confidence, foster creativity, problem solving and a passion for learning and research, utilizing current technology to achieve objectives of celebrating personal accomplishments.

One of the comerstones of experience and growth is the idea of serving those less privileged than yourself , Indian Public School will ensure interactions in community projects from real life situations. The child will learn to serve her people. His/her country and the world.

In our school environment with experienced teachers , your child will grow rich with concepts of intelligence , hard work , compassion and will have world view of important concerns needing to be solved .

The journey is long , the work is hard –my team of dedicated teachers and myself , at the school , are committed to make the products of our school – your children , equally committed , determined and passionate in the pursuit of education, making a better world and solving the problems that confront it .

The students of Indian Public School will graduate with 21st century skills , quietly confident in the strength s of their knowledge , excited and passionate to take on all competitions and tackle with vigour , the challenges of a new world .

                 Anu Dogra
                IPS Kidzee Kathua